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My volunteer experience at FEM Colombia

Enviada por: Devin Pearsall
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I volunteered for 5 months in Cartagena, Colombia through la Fundación por la Educación Multidimensional (FEM). I stayed in their "volunteer hostel," and participated in a wide range of activities that contributed to their mission of "working towards a more equal Colombia." FEM is unique, in that I was able to travel and see the country, but always have a "home" here in Cartagena to come right back to. They called this being a "volunTOURist," and it was wonderful to share my experience with other like minded travelers. I had the pleasure of attending meetings with local leaders, both government and community, and overhearing issues and solutions. I taught English in several black townships, and even stayed overnight in one weekly, which created a strong bond between myself and the people.

I worked with the indigenous Zenú peoples who live in the city, and was even so fortunate as to travel to their native reservation in Tuchín, Cordoba. I translated documents for their sustainable tourism project, Cartagena Insider, and several other projects. I updated their webpage, and helped pick up social media support. I was the first to inhabit the "volunteer hostel," and helped create a "Welcome Pack" for both volunteers and travelers.

The FEM team is a dynamic set of individuals, diverse but all passionate, who come together to collaborate on making Cartagena a better, more egalitarian place to live - CREATIVELY. This is an honest grass roots, in the field, living the difference kind of organization, and if you are interested in understanding Latin American nonprofit work, getting a better sense of the Caribbean, working with inspiring individuals, and soaking up the sun in the most beautiful place on earth, I HIGHLY advise you get in touch with FEM.

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